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Advertising Blocks.  I honestly believe these are the hidden gems of the antique advertising world.

From an academic point of view, a group of ads like these offer an insight into the products of the time.

  • Which companies have discovered the power of advertising
  • A indication of their relative advertising budgets
  • Whats ‘hot’ and being actively advertised
  • A visual feeling for the growing power in illustrated advertising

From a collectors point of view, they also offer a number of reasons to pay more attention to these bargains in the old advertising world.

  • Guaranteed to attract attention and interest
  • They make an impressive display piece when framed
  • Relatively cheap when compared to purchasing individually

antique advert block of small ads

Source : The Graphic, 1899, 7 x 9.5 inches, £1.95

As well as a fellow collector, I also sell adverts.  When faced with a number of sheets of small ads like these I’m always reluctant to split them up into a pile of individual small ads.  To be honest there’s more potential income to be made selling the small ads one by one, but that would be sacrilege.

I prefer to look at them as a group, and find the natural ‘cut lines’ which will provide nicely balanced blocks.  I try to find blocks that will both look and feel good.  Its not always possible and I don’t always get it right, but I do try and that makes me feel good :)

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