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Slipping in at just over 100 years old these two adverts are trying to sell us on the benefits of the thermos flask, or thermos jug.  Apparently they are a lot more useful than I’d ever imagined.  I want one.

I especially liked this use … “The bachelors tea and shaving water always ready”

And the informative letter straight from the Indian front …

Sirs, I enclose herewith two small snapshots taken on the India Frontier, showing your “Thermos” flask in use.  I thought they might be of some interest to you.  The person holding the flask is a Gurkha soldier.  These flasks are a very great boon to us who lead an open air life for nine months out of the twelve, and you deserve the heartfelt thanks of al British officers.

J E Colenso, Lieut, 7th Gurkha Rifles

Source : The Graphic, 1909, 10.5 x 14.5 inches, £2.85

Source : The Graphic, 1910, 10.5 x 14.5, £3.45

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