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I’ve revised the invalid chair desktop backgrounds.  I think this is better than the previous one.  Presented in three different sizes for your monitor resolution,

1024 x 768

1280 x 800

1600 x 1200

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I promised some more free desktop backgrounds and here is my latest go.  I like this one, all the graphics are from either “Carter Invalid Comforts” or “Levensons Invalid Chairs and Carriages”.  These antique adverts date from 1900 / 1901.

Below you will find two versions of the antique adverts desktop screensaver.  The first is 1600×1200 pixels which scales down nicely to 1024×768.  The second is 1280×800 pixels.

To download, simply click the image to bring up the full size version, then right click it and save it to your PC or laptop.

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Hmm, I had big ideas for my Antique Advert desktop backgrounds.  Its not worked out quite as good as I anticipated.  As I intended to create a few of these, and I have, I used some collage software to speed things up.  Its not exactly a complete success but it is a start.

This one is 1280×800 pixels.  All comments and hints and tips gratefully accepted.  I promise to get better at these :-)

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