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Slipping in at just over 100 years old these two adverts are trying to sell us on the benefits of the thermos flask, or thermos jug.  Apparently they are a lot more useful than I’d ever imagined.  I want one.

I especially liked this use … “The bachelors tea and shaving water always ready”

And the informative letter straight from the Indian front …

Sirs, I enclose herewith two small snapshots taken on the India Frontier, showing your “Thermos” flask in use.  I thought they might be of some interest to you.  The person holding the flask is a Gurkha soldier.  These flasks are a very great boon to us who lead an open air life for nine months out of the twelve, and you deserve the heartfelt thanks of al British officers.

J E Colenso, Lieut, 7th Gurkha Rifles

Source : The Graphic, 1909, 10.5 x 14.5 inches, £2.85

Source : The Graphic, 1910, 10.5 x 14.5, £3.45

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I’ve revised the invalid chair desktop backgrounds.  I think this is better than the previous one.  Presented in three different sizes for your monitor resolution,

1024 x 768

1280 x 800

1600 x 1200

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I promised some more free desktop backgrounds and here is my latest go.  I like this one, all the graphics are from either “Carter Invalid Comforts” or “Levensons Invalid Chairs and Carriages”.  These antique adverts date from 1900 / 1901.

Below you will find two versions of the antique adverts desktop screensaver.  The first is 1600×1200 pixels which scales down nicely to 1024×768.  The second is 1280×800 pixels.

To download, simply click the image to bring up the full size version, then right click it and save it to your PC or laptop.

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Advertisers never miss a chance to get their brand names under our noses, and celebrating the new year is no exception.  Brookes Monkey Brand soap were such prolific advertisers of their time it surprises me that I can only find one example of a new years celebration advert from them.

Source : Punch, 1901,8 x 11 inches, £2.85

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A few days late but better late than never …

Source : Black and white, 1904 4 x 3 inches, £1.25

Source : The Sphere, 1904, 5 x 7 inches, £1.75

Source : The Sphere, 1905, 5 x 7, £1.75

Source : Navy and Army, 1908, 9 x 13, £3.75

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Hmm, I had big ideas for my Antique Advert desktop backgrounds.  Its not worked out quite as good as I anticipated.  As I intended to create a few of these, and I have, I used some collage software to speed things up.  Its not exactly a complete success but it is a start.

This one is 1280×800 pixels.  All comments and hints and tips gratefully accepted.  I promise to get better at these :-)

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Soap manufactures were among the most prolific advertisers during the Victorian and Edwardian periods.  And they produced a great number of full page pictorial adverts, most of which are very collectible and look excellent when framed as good sized posters.

Source : The Graphic, 1900, 10.5 x 14 inches, £10.85

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Adorable images of children have been used since the beginning of advertising as a selling medium.  I think almost everyone has seen the Pears soap classic advertisement of a girl climbing into an old fashioned tin bathtub.

The first ad I’m displaying here is a personal favorite of mine.

Source : Illustrated London News, 1892, 10.5 x 14.5 inches, £7.85

This second antique advertisement, although a lot more modern looking, only dates from 15 year later in 1907.  I thinks its a bit of an advertising blunder.  A very young  mischievous boy borrows dads cut throat razor.  Can you see the look of pain on his face, and is that blood dripping down on the floor?  Horror of horrors, and this is how they want to sell us shaving soap!  Think I’ll stick with my beard.

Source : The Graphic, 1907, 5 x 7 inches, £1.45

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Carter’s invalid chairs had some serious competition from a company called Leveson’s. There’s some serious looking buggies in this antique advertisement from the turn of the 18th / 19th century.  When I first started selling antique adverts I thought these ads with illustrations of invalid chairs and carriages would be really popular, but they’re not.  Personally I think they look really good.  Admittedly the scans I have here are not the best, maybe I should re-do them.  In the meantime they are a bargain, grab them while you can.

Source : The Graphic, 1900, 10 x 4.5 inches, £2.55

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One of the many things that attracted me to Antique Advertising in the first place were the illustrations. And this simple little ad is a beauty.  I hope you like it too.

Source : The Graphic, 1901, 5.5 x 5.5 inches, £2.25

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